Look at how far you’ve come :-) :-)

I’m just sat here gazing out the window looking at the trees, the flowers and the sky, having one of those ‘I am glad to be alive moments’  I had an email a few hours ago from Phil Roberts, he is the community fundraiser at St Loye’s foundation in Exeter.  He sent me a photo of one of the community events I once volunteered at.  It brought memories flooding back, and made me think about how far I have come.

Back in 2010 I quit my ‘safe’ job and went out into the unknown, after a few months of slowly falling down I dragged myself along to a business show and came across St Loye’s foundation, a charity that helped people with disabilities gain confidence and get them into work.  I liked the sound of them and went along to meet Phil and began volunteering.  At the time I began my confidence was at floor level, but slowly, slowly volunteering with them built me back up. 🙂

I found this press release (below) I wrote some time back about the impact volunteering had on my life. I’ve decided I need this stuck on my wall!! There is nothing better than taking your own advice 😉


Thank you so so so much to all the St Loye’s team who played a part in helping me get to where I am today 🙂 and a special thank you to Phil Roberts who will soon be leaving the charity for a new life in Wales!

Take a little look at how far you’ve come today and who’s helped you get there 🙂

DSCF0098 (2)



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