Colouring in the boringness :-)

I’ve always struggled with anything that’s boring, as soon as something is not making me smile enough anymore I’m off! Yes, this has been a massive benefit in some areas of life, but not for those day to day things like paying bills, keeping things in order, cooking dinner, car insurance etc, I think you get the gist!

I have tried so many ways to get myself excited about these things, but no, its just not been happening! So the options, now, I am a believer that we should work to our strengths. Oh how I would love a chef (well I kinda have one now, thanks my darling Mark!) a bill payer, a cleaner, but the fact is I have to do some of these things and really could save myself a lot of stress if I didn’t keep leaving them to the last minute!

So, the other day I discovered gel pens! I had heard children talking about them, but as I was exploring the bargain bins in Lidl there they were, all bright and shining with a lovely £4 price tag! Now, I had set my budget for the day and these were not included, but something inside said “Oh Anna you gotta have em” So I treated myself and these gel pens have made something I hate very exciting ! Along with these, a little patience and doing one thing at a time I’m tackling these boring things at last! hurray!

There is something about a colourful to do list that encourages me to get things done, its like this excitable piece of paper that I just cant wait to tick off! and I love creating them too, it gets me excited about planning my day and it gets the creativity flowing.

So here’s my recommendation –

-Make a list of a few boring things you’d really like to get done each week
-Grab yourself some gel pens, or felt tips
-Pick one boring thing from the list and add it to your colourful to do list one day
-Try and find a day each week that you’d like to do that colouful boring thing on
-Try it for a few weeks and when it sticks add the next boring thing to your colourful to do list

Enjoy xx

to do list


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