Oh what a good ride can do….

Recently my car got ill, its still moving, but has given me that horrid little fear inside that you get when you are always thinking “is this going to break? and oh my god, I am going to look so stupid if it does break and everyone will laugh at me, not to mention no one will stop to help” So to stop these little voices in my head I have chosen to cycle more and only take the car out when I am feeling extra confident, or if someone else is with me! (at least until I get a new car) I was a bit peed off at first, it felt like such a hassle to get the bike out, but I did because it was so much better than feeling embarrassed if I broke down!

I thought it would make me ache, and feel tired and hurt my previously injured knees, but no, no, its had quite the opposite effect.  Now I know we hear all the time, exercise is good and you know, I do do my fair share, I walk everyday and do pilates on a Monday, but yes, I had most probably taken my car for granted, all the little trips across Exeter that took far longer than if I were to cycle! But “oh what a hassle it is to get the bike out” the head generally says most of the time! So here is my little cycle story for you….

Today I took my bike, when I would usually have taken my car, here is my list in numbers of why it felt sooooooooooo good! yeah! 😉

no 1 – I felt good!

no 2 – The breeze was a blowing through my hair and I felt free man 😉

no 3 – I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the relaxation of being on the bike after a busy few hours, it helped me wind down

no 4 – I felt so god darn proud of myself that when I got home I got an extra piece of work done and had a glass of wine AND cooked dinner (I NEVER cook dinner NEVER)

no 5 – As I was cycling through the park and along the quay I saw loads of people, families, school children etc etc it really made me smile because a lot of work I do is alone so I feel in a bubble sometimes.

no 6 – I smiled at people and they smiled back

no 7 – A serious amount of endorphin’s going through my body 😉 😉 😉 

All in all, I think we can safely say its cool to ride bikes! So come on ditch that car for a day a week and join the cycle community! Hmmmmmm, maybe you’ll have to wait for a broken down car to give you a kick up the butt, or maybe you wont 😉

Lots of love and Byeeeeeeeeeeee xxx


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