Love, fun & music! – Sunday mornings with Anna on Phonic Fm -8-10am- 2nd and 4th Sunday of the Month

This week I was joined by Mel and David from Sun and Moon Theatre company. They are launching their company next month with a beautiful performance called Shakespeare’s Lovers. They talk about wanting to portray the complexity of love and how they met in a bit of a Romeo and Juliet scenario themselves! Thankfully they are still with us!!!!

There is a big dose of music as usual and I share a few idea’s about fun things to do around the city of Exeter! Basically I have been having far to many early nights and wearing my slippers to much!

For more info on Sun and Moon theatre –
For something fun –

You can listen to the full show below and for more details on me and the show you can find me at or

Happy Sunday

Anna xxx


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