Music has always been a great love of mine. I remember as a child I would dance around with a hair brush in my hand pretending to be Kylie Minogue or Shania Twain.  I also remember the first song I wrote when I was seven inspired by my Dad who was a builder “We are the builders it’s such a groovy job, I am the brick layer and my names Bob”

When I left school music and I took rather a long break. I wrote the odd song here and there and gate crashed a few bands at a few weddings but that was it.

I did a variety of jobs for many years after leaving school, but nothing seemed to keep my attention for long. My last ‘proper’ job as a sales manager came to a holt when my boss wanted to invest money in me. He was such a nice chap and I didn’t want to let him. I was bored stiff of the job and knew my heart wasn’t in it. That following week I left with no plan, but a desire for change.

And change is what came.  A note in my local shop window led me to a part time cleaning job which gave me some time back to go out exploring (it also taught me just how little money you can live off and that time is far more precious) I got involved with just about everything I could, charities, school projects, drama groups, a gospel choir, community radio, mental health etc in hope that I would find something that held my attention.

That was six years ago now and as you can guess through having these experiences the music eventually came back to find me. I don’t think it had ever really left. Once the song writing door re-opened I just wanted to keep exploring it. All the times I felt like giving up the desire to carry on was so much stronger.

My first EP is called ‘AS YOU ARE’ It’s a selection of songs I wrote to keep me going through the emotional roller coaster of beginning again. The amazing days, the absolutely awful days, the days where everyone is telling you that you’re crazy, the days where you feel utterly alone and the days you need to have a little word with yourself. Most of all I want it to be a reminder to do what is best for ourselves despite what the outside world is telling us.

A man named Phil once said to me “Anna, you are on the right bus now. All you need to do is keep trying the seats until you find yours” Well, I finally found my seat called ‘Music’ so who knows where it’ll take me next. I’ll let the music decide.