Ready, get set… STOP

I have to often say these words to myself!  The idea of just taking off has always seemed so appealing to me, but in the past I have bumped into a few walls when I’ve tried to take flight 😉 I think you get my gist.

I gave myself a stop sign this afternoon and designated some time to tidy up all the files on my computer, back them up and take a look at my finances. Two things that I’m not that keen on!  But the thing is I really want to get going with a couple of projects and I want everything in place this time!

Silly little things can really get in the way too can’t they? Like a build up of post, a car with an empty tank of fuel right when you need to get somewhere quick (a regular one of mine), a temperamental computer etc!  All these things can make you have little stress moments! And of course, by the time you have your little ‘stress moment’ the creative energy you were going to put into your project has sadly gone to sleep!

I used to lose my glasses all the time and I need them for driving, so every time I was about to go somewhere (in a rush of course with an empty tank)  I’d be playing ‘find the glasses’ not a fun game!  After this happened several times I shouted “STOP enough now!” and I went to get myself some new glasses from Boots to keep in the car! Such a simple little thing, but I think we can often put things off that could save us a lot of stress in the long run!

So, what things have you been putting off lately? And could you save yourself a few ‘stress moments’ which could help you to be more creative in the long run? Try jotting down a little list of them and tackling them one by one. (For ideas on to do lists that will help you get things done, Check out my blog called ‘colouring in the boringness’ )

And once again, the words for today are….  Get ready……. STOP … It’ll make the ride a little more steady 😉 

Love Anna x


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