Hey I’m Anna 🙂 I’m a creativity & wellbeing facilitator, singer-songwriter & mental health advocate.

I have ten years experience in facilitating a range of social, creative and well-being groups working with people from all walks of life. I’ve also organised several music concerts and spent five years producing and presenting a radio show focused on well-being and creativity.

It was my own struggles with depression that sparked my passion for mental health and well-being. I’ve learnt and practiced so many wonderful techniques over the years that have had a huge impact on my well-being and I love sharing these in my groups and workshops.

I currently run a freestyle dance group called ‘Morning Bliss’  Dancing in small groups is wonderful for your mental health and it also gives those of us who hate late nights and sweaty clubs a chance to pull some moves and groove it out! I have also developed, tried and tested a few other well-being groups and will be introducing these in the future.

Amongst other things song writing is something I use to express and understand myself better. I’ve been song writing and performing for ten years and I wrote an album called ‘As You Are’ which I wrote during a difficult time after I left my sales career and started again. This led me to being commissioned to write songs for campaigns raising awareness for things such as mental health, dementia and grief.

Gigging and late nights are not for me anymore and although I still write from time to time, do the odd gig and share a few songs on my YouTube Channel my main focus is now in running groups and workshops that offer you a space to meet new people, take care of your mental health and bring out your inner creative.

I also host a podcast called ‘A cuppa with Anna’ where I interview all walks of life about life! It’s a great space for people to come and give us a window into their life and what their passions are. We can be so quick to judge a book by its cover, but there is almost always a reason why we are the way we are. The podcast has really bought that home to me on a new level. I truly believe once we have a true understanding of ourselves we can bring so much more understanding to others.

When I’m not doing all of the above, you’ll find me being a bit of a home bird!  I also love to walk the Devon and Cornish coastlines, dance around the kitchen, explore lots, watch movies, read books, bake cookies and take time to watch the world go by…