Evening Calm – Freestyle Dance & Relaxation

‘Evening Calm’ is a small and friendly group where you can come for a lovely dance and some relaxation. Its like giving your body a nice warm hug before bed! We currently meet on Tuesday evenings in a beautifully atmospheric & calming venue on Exeter Quayside.

The session starts with a few light hearted activities that help us get to know each other and then we do some freestyle dancing to some cool beats. This is then followed by a short meditation to wind us down before bed. There are chairs at the venue but feel free to bring a cushion or yoga mat. What ever will make you feel most cosy.

The space is completely judgment free and you will be welcomed by a very friendly group of people. All ages and all walks of life are welcome. The group will never be bigger than 8 people. If you are a little nervous about coming along other group members have said that the feeling passed very quickly once they arrived.

No experience necessary what so ever! Come as you are!

The next ‘Evening Calm’ is on Tuesday 22nd March. It starts at 7.30pm and finishes at 8.30pm

Cost – £10

If you would like to find out more, have a chat or book a place drop me an email or call me

Email – annamarie.waite@yahoo.co.uk

Tel – 07922 090657