Chickens, sheep and relationships!

Baaaa, cheep, cheep! I’m not sure what noises chickens make, oh I remember it’s buck, buck! Anyway that’s beside the point, even though I am sure sometimes we can all feel as helpless as a sheep or chicken when it comes to communicating in our relationships!

On Sunday I welcomed Holly Carter from RELATE, Exeter on the show, who among a few other things helps people improve the communication in their relationships.

I think we’ve all done it, had a ‘moment’ or even a few ‘moments’ where you splurge your words out and then cause several ouches to your other half, (Oops!) but deep down you know there is a little more going on behind whats really coming out your mouth…  I’m definitely GUILTY!

In the interview Holly shares a few tips on how we can focus on more positive aspects of our relationships, and how useful it is to take a step back and ask yourself  “whats REALLY going on?”

Holly has also had quite a life change over that last couple of years and I’m pretty sure you will find her inspiring in more ways than one 😉  Take a listen to Holly’s short interview below…

You can catch The Anna Presents.. show every Sunday morning, apart from the first Sunday of the month from 8-10am on Phonic Fm! Exeter dials 106.8Fm and the rest of the world can tune in online at

And if you like what you hear from Holly, you can find her here –

Ps – I had to reassure myself of what noises chickens actually make, so I hopped on the good old You tube and made myself chuckle with this…


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