An unexpected chance to say thanks!

A few weeks back I spotted a familiar man on the stage at Exeter Phoenix. The More he spoke, the more I thought I knew him from somewhere. Then it finally clicked. He was the person I wrote my first song with when I was 8 years old!

I’ve talked a lot about this ‘first ever songwriting memory’ in previous blogs and on stage and how lucky I was that this musical company had come into my school! (I seem to have erased most other school memories from my brain!! I cant think why? Hmm maybe because I am a total creative and found it boring?? 😉 Never! ;-))

So Paul and Marilyn of Wren Music, thank you for opening the songwriting door for me all those years ago. Such a nice surprise to bump into you and I’m over the moon that you are still opening musical doors throughout the community! With Love and thanks 🙂



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