Getting back on the horse! Clip clop ;-)

Hey 🙂

Today I got my butt back in the studio at Phonic FM after having five weeks off! What can I say, I missed it! I saw this lovely quote from Ruby Amanfu (an awesome singer) that said ‘sometimes you’ve got to get away to come back’ and I sooooo get that! I have been doing my show at Phonic for two years now and needed a little freshen up (a break) I have met so many people through the show all that have inspired me massively ! From eight year old children to best selling authors, I have it all on the ‘Anna Presents…’ show!

Todays show theme was ‘Getting back on the horse’  hopefully encouraging the listeners to hop back on, or into something they used to do and for some reason they stopped doing.

So, what did you used to do that you miss? Was it something you did as a child? Do you sing? do you ride? do you paint? or is it time to get back out on the dating scene again 😉 😉 he he 😉 What ever it may be maybe its times to get back out there! 🙂

Here is a summery of todays ‘Anna Presents…’ show on a page…

Show theme – ‘Get back on the Horse’


Movie of the week – Freaky Friday                                                                                                             freaky fri

Place of the week – Lydford Gorge and Brentor                                                                             bentor

Artist of the week – Newton Faulkner(Tracks – Soon, Pulling teeth and Dream catch me)newton

AND of course Relationship tip of week (from Relate, Exeter) when your partner comes home greet them at the door 🙂 don’t just say hi and continue with what you are doing.

You can catch my show every Sunday apart from the first one of the month from 8-10am on  Show recordings will be available soon, but you can catch some of my interviews on my presenting page on the blog 🙂

Byeeeeeeeee xxxx


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