Advice to my early twenties self….

I’ve noticed a few posts on line of people sharing lessons from their early twenties and what they would have told themselves. I thought I’d give it a go as I was curious to see what I’d write.

I am pretty sure if I was presented with this list in my early twenties I would have turned my nose up and done exactly what I wanted, but just encase there are some people in their early twenties that do like to learn from others here’s the list….

Dear Anna in her early twenties.

-Don’t worry about spending an hour in the mirror in the morning perfecting your make-up you’re actually much prettier with less. Less is more! Its true!
-Don’t spend so much money on Estee Lauder face creams, simple works even better on your skin and is £5 rather than £50
-Look after yourself a bit more and stop taking care of your ‘friends’ so much. It’s OK encouraging them and building their confidence but don’t forget you deserve to be built up too.
-Pay more attention to the nice guys that like you instead of going out with arse holes that cheat and make you feel on edge all the time. Not only will it affect you now, the scars come into the future with you and cause you all sorts of emotional problems as you get older. Guys will only use you if you let them, be strong and show them who’s the boss of yourself! YOU!
-If you do eventually go out with a nice guy, be NICE to him and stop trying to sabotage it! (easier said than done, ask for help)
-Be curious about your behaviour and thoughts, question things more.
-Stop letting yourself be used, look at your company and see if it brings out the best in you, if it doesn’t, change your company. Friendship is a two way thing.
-Congratulations for quitting jobs that made you unhappy and never settling! Life is to short!
-Congratulations for always speaking your mind and standing your ground in the end!
-Save!!! Save my girl! Even if it’s just £50 or £100 a month, over 10 years that’s a deposit for a house! And trust me, your thirties will come even if you don’t think they will! They will!
-Be nice to your family, have understanding for them, they do their best!
-Try not to get so obsessed with the gym, two hours a day and a diet of a carrot a day makes you ill.
-Go easy on the running, 10 miles a day puts pressure on your knees and you will spend the rest of your life managing the pain and being restricted in the activities you do. Moderation is the key, less is more!
-Cut back on the sunbathing and sun beds. When you get older you will get brown skin pigmentation on your face. A good daily moisturiser with factor 30 in is good.
-Don’t get obsessed with mountain biking and not stretch or look after you core strength! Your back will suffer in the future. Try Pilates once a week, its magical!
-Say ‘No’ more, don’t just agree to things to make others happy. You have no one to please, do what feels good inside for you, no one else lives inside you, so only you have control of it.
-Don’t blame things or people, you are responsible for your actions and how you move forward, we all have weaknesses, it’s how you manage them that counts.
-Learn about yourself, the more you learn about your needs, the more settled life can be.

Most of all, believe in yourself 🙂 and don’t worry if you don’t fit in, it’s a good thing, you’ll know when you find your fit.

Love from Anna in her thirties 🙂 xxx


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