The Musical Month of… MARCH

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March, the month when life starts moving again! Wooo hooo, not only in music but in life.  I was just saying this to Mark the other day “As long as life is moving a little I feel happy” Although life has come to a standstill for me at the moment as I have a swollen foot, but it’s given me the time to move other parts of my life that only I can do when I am sitting still.

All in all I have loved March, it’s been filled with music, animals, family, friends and plenty of special little moments. I’ve just come back from lunch with my friend Jon (Thanks for getting me out the house Jon!) and I heard ‘I didn’t know I was looking for love until I found you’ by Everything but the girl’ at the pub.  I think this one might get covered next month!


We started the month of with a gig at The Bike shed which was to raise money for Premature babies. It was quite an interesting experience playing at an intimate very brightly lit theatre.  I managed to spill a drink on the stage, put Mark on the spot to sing one of his songs, and slightly struggled with the fact I couldn’t see the audience, but all in all we thought we did OK! ‘Speak slowly’ seemed to get the best feedback from the audience along with Marks ‘on the spot song’ ‘By your side’

I did a solo house concert in Paignton for a lady called Pam’s 40th Birthday. I have to say I got more concerned about actually finding the place than the actual concert itself.  I was quite glad for this as it was my first official solo gig. Everyone was soooooooo welcoming and I met a lovely lady called Katie who played the piano and we took in turns for each 45 minute set. My highlight of the night was when one of the birthday guests was dancing to a song I wrote called ‘As you are’  he was dressed up as a red Indian and was being just who he was! Music video nudge!

Mark and I did a concert last weekend for another 40th Birthday party, this time for twins! The night began smoothly until we were about to go home to change, have dinner etc when the car decided to die. I laughed and Mark panicked, but the party host offered us the keys to their car. Thankfully after gentle words with Percy Peugeot he started. Deary me Percy! (Sorry Mark I’ve named your car!) Anyway the gig went well.  We did a relaxing set to start followed by a second set that had everyone up dancing.

The annual acoustic café in Topsham was the last gig of the month, Mark and I have done this one for three years running now. In fact it was the first one that resulted in us being together so it’s an anniversary for us.  The evening started well, all our friends turned up, we felt rehearsed but then we found out the organisers had forgotten the PA! ha ha ha, I can be a diva when it comes to sound.  A small amp was quickly set up, but it meant our rehearsed set had to be changed due to only being able to plug in one guitar.  It really throw me and I performed as a bag of nerves. Apparently it didn’t show!  It’s been a month for getting out the comfort zone and learning to adapt me thinks!

Radio show appearances

Moor Fm – We joined Tiffany on Moor FM for her Woman’s show themed ‘Love’ Mark loved that! Ha ha! It was lovely to meet with two other ladies, an author and relationship coach and basically have a good old girly chat on air.  We performed two songs which were received very well!

Phonic Fm – I joined Pat for his show which was full of giggles.  I talked and talked and talked, played two songs and a question he asked reminded me of how much I loved Kylie Minogue growing up!

 Good news

The good news for this month is that we have begun recording my first album after a gentle nudge from a lovely man called Scott that runs forest fungi in Dawlish. Love it when someone says the right words at the right time!  Thanks Scott!

We have also been invited to perform at the Respect festival in Exeter in June and the Tiverton balloon festival in July.

Songs of the month

Whilst on a little get away to Bath recently which was all organised by Mark might I add! I came across two tracks I fell in love with…

Benny Tipene – Make you mine

Patrick Haws – Highgrove suit – Goddess of the woods

Also if you are ever in bath check out Paradise guest house.  It really is Paradise, thank you Mark !


I have started a new collaboration with Peter Farrie (My Song life) We meet every other Tuesday after the ‘Exeter Creatives’ meet up. We have almost completed our first song together!

Musical people I’ve interviewed

I’ve had two beautifully passionate musicians on my fortnightly music show on Phonic FM.  Kat Savage who performed two very heartfelt songs inspired by people she knows, and Jinder who performed three tracks from his Album tradition dark.

Artists we’ve been to see

Gretchen Peters, do I need to say more.  I was so excited about seeing this lady that I almost cried with excitement before we went in to sit down.  I first found out about Gretchen by a man that came to read my meter one day.  I had just started my radio show and was asking everyone I met to give me songs! Gretchen’s name came up and I was hooked.

Thank you to everyone that supports my music 🙂 Back next month for an April summary

Anna xx

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